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Biswa Ijtema 2017 In Bangladesh begins

Hundreds of Muslims take friday prayers in congregation grounds as Muslims take part in Biswa Ijtema, the second largest religious gathering of Muslims in the world, in Tongi 20 km from Dhaka, Bangladesh on January 13, 2016.
The first phase of three day long Biswa Ijtema starts today where million people from home and abroad will take part.

Bishwa Ijtema is by far one of the most popular congregational gatherings of muslims. Bishwa Ijtema was held, with some speculating that this event started in 1946.Tablighi Jamaat of Bangladesh organizes it each year.

Muslim followers come to the gathering, located on the Turag River near Dakar, to receive blessings and interact with the throng of followers that descend on the Ijtema grounds. It is estimated that the number of attendees to the 2007 Bishwa Ijtema neared 3 million. It provides many with the opportunity to study the Qur’an and listen to various sermons. Attendees can use the three days of the Bishwa Ijtema to concentrate on their religion and explore aspects of it that they are not familiar with.


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