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Bangladeshis celebrate pohela Boishakh or Bengali New Year 1422

Bangladeshi peoples a colorful march to welcome in the Bengali New Year 1422. Shedding the preceding year's glooms to oblivion, people from all walks of life began to welcome the Bangla year 1422 as soon as the sun rises on the horizon. Attired in traditional clothes, women clad in saris and men punjabi, they thronged venues of cultural programmes and makeshift fairs which celebrate Bangla culture, entertainment, art and food and featured live music and performances in the capital and elsewhere in the country.

 Many ate traditional panta bhat (watered rice) with fried hilsa fish, lentil, green chilli and onion at home, restaurants and fairs. Thousands has turned out on the streets, parks and open spaces since morning, as the day is a public holiday

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